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Name: AlacrisS
Location: Mount Shasta CA 96067
Gender: Female
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I've been a solitary practitioner for five years. I've always been interested in wildcrafting herbs of all kinds and making herbal mixtures for healing and magick. I have natural ability as an empath, mind reading, animal communication and in some instances speaking with the dead. I am not a medium, my talent is not that well developed. I don't dabble in black magic - the one time I did it was disastrous. I DO believe in Karma. My other discipline is Soto Zen Buddhism. I am humble, love animals and have rescued them my whole life. I'm interested in getting some more ideas and learning new things in a Coven but I live over an hour from the nearest one as I live in a small town in Northern California. I am interested now in animal healing spells, animal welfare spells, and finding true love. I'd like to make friends with people that have similar interests. I've been a fan/follower of Gerina Dunwich for many years. I work a lot on the small farm I run but I would be happy to find friends to chat with.