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Name: JossAS
Birthday: Feb 2 1999
Location: Palestine, TX
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 13 Sep 2016
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Hello Friends. My name is Joss and I am a 17 year old Pagan. I've been in practice since I was 10. In those 7 years, I've studied everything magick I could think to study, and performed spells in the thousands. I'm one of the four co-founders of a small coven back in Cleveland. However, since I have moved, I am currently solitary. In spare time, I compose music, write un-published books, and help the people around me in anyway I can. I try to avoid performing spells on people from the internet, so avoid asking, unless it is an emergency. Mostly because Touch is very important in my own brand of miracles, but also there's the whole predator thing. If you need advice though, you can come to me. And once again, if it is seriously important, I will help you.


  • Healing
  • Clairvoyance
  • Empathy
  • Projection
  • Remembering past lives (if it is that reincarnation is the way)
  • Hyper-sensitivity

I have a strong Celtic background with an occupational last name to show for it. I also have Native American background too, which is why I'm starting to think that I was awoken as a Shaman ( If you were, could you tell me how it happened? I've been Celtic so long, the fact I might be something else is weird, but the evidence is stacking up.)


  • Music: Hozier, Fall Out Boy, Iron and Wine, ZZ Ward, and Delta Rae
  • TV: Supernatural, Big Brother, Family Feud, and Parks and Recreation
  • Books: Farenheit 451 , Harry Potter, and Universe: A Definitive Visual Guide
  • Sites and Apps: Tumblr , Instagram, Muzy, and SoM
  • Blogs: Gala Darling, Samoosea (Me), and Baby!Natural
  • Movies: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Life of Pi, and Harry Potter
  • Animals: Moose, Owl, Cat, and Bear
  • Colors: Gold , Wine Red, and Emerald Green.
  • Others: Astronomy, Flower crowns, Stained glass windows , Vintage cars, Long trips, Bare feet, Curly hair, Cacti, Glitter, Kimono wraps, and Photography


  • Root: open (25%)
  • Sacral: open (19%)
  • Naval: under-active (-31%)
  • Heart: over-active (100%)
  • Throat: open (44%)
  • Third eye: open (62%)
  • Crown: open (44%)

Please read my profile before sending questions. I can't count how many questions I've gotten from several people that could be answered by reading my profile. However, feel free to ask me questions regarding things not already said, I love conversation. That is not an invitation to flirt, I have a boyfriend, after all, but feel free to ask questions (if you ask "Can you turn me into a werewolf/ Vampire/ etc.", I will reply with the following: "I regret to inform you that, regardless as to whether or not *creature* exists, there is no spell in ANY witch's arsenal that could possibly change your DNA that drastically to become one. If you are not a *creature* already, I cannot help you become one". And then I will put a link that won't be helpful, but will still make sure that you didn't waste your time asking)

Make your self at home here in my space.

And yes, that is me, as well as the stars.

Blessed be,