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Darkaine's Profile

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Name: Darkaine
Location: South side of Hell
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 13 Dec 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello every one I am new to the site, I have read some of the spells on here for demon summing, yes it can be useful but if you summon or call apon a demon you should know a few things about it. 1. Make sure you know the demon and his or her likings before you summon them. 2. Always have a circle of protection around you, Demons are only loyal to one thing and that is them selves. If they can posses you and try to kill you they will do so at any chance they have. 3. Never tell a demon any thing about you, They will twist it and use it to drive you mad. 4. Don't think for a moment that you can keep a demon, they are not pets, nor some thing to be played with. Only call forth a demon in a very last act or when there is no other alternitives. Playing with demons is like playing Russian Rolotte with a revolver 5 chambers loaded one empty. 5. Please do not message me if you have read this profile and did not listen. Some of you have listed spells to summon a demon and with out the research done the way the spells worked would only piss the demon off and lead to a possesion of the caster by the demon that was summoned and trust there are just certiant demons that do not need to be summoned or channeled. 6. If you are aware that there is a demon present and it lurks all the time around you. Then more than likely you have done some thing horribly wrong or you had a family memember that has trapped a demon and bound it to some thing in your house. I will promise you that nothing good will come of keeping a demon bound. 7. Demons have knowledge and much more than what humans could ever hope to hold. We don't even know how to unlock the other 90% of our brains power most of us only use about 8% the supper smart ones use about 11%. So why would a entity that is smarter than us stronger than us and can use magic 1000% better than us ever listen to us? About Me; Ok I have been studing demonolgy for about 10 years, I have also followed the catholic church when they do exersimcims. Most of the time when people are possesed it is because they thought they could control what they were summoning. There are a few demons that don't mind humans and all our ignorance. Baphomet being the one demon that I follow, and know does not mind humans. Demons will not speak to you how you may talk to a friend and they may not come to you at all even if you do every thing correctly. They tend to come when they feel damn good and ready to come. They will invade your dreams, day flashes and you will see signs of there presence every were you go.