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TheSilentSol's Profile

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Name: TheSilentSol
Birthday: Nov 21 1988
Location: I am Sol, golden warmth of the heart, and higher self, I am all that inhabit Terra under Uranus, the mighty crown, Mars is my weapon and Jupiter is my shield
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 15 Jan 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Formal Bio: but first a statement from me, to help you better understand how I think "One can become lost in the light, as well the shadow, this is the essence of yin and yang, we humans create our own kingdoms under the rule of the creator, and all paths are right if they are true to the soul, no single person has a more powerful spiritual connection to this creator than another, if it lays your foundations and rings in your soul. There are demons to both sides, those who wish to capture the soul in light and dark, when looking into the light one must not simply fall in willingly, your soul will burn in the radiance these demons of light will project your soul at the creator and in his love there is truth yes, great truths, yet this prolonged period of time in the light will rip away parts of the self and make you a servant, so we must recede to the dark to recover and reflect internally, learning what we gathered from the light in silent darkness. There is a great deal of peace involved in the shadow as well, its materializes what we learn so it may manifest within ourselves, gaining greater protection from the light for our next kind visit, over time of this process, one will discover the middle path, a true alignment of both light and dark, allowing greater ease of passage between your times of pure understanding in radiant light, or the seed, and transgressional periods of manifestation and self reflection in the womb of the earth."~Sage of the Nine ______________________________________________________________________ "Those which have voice shall not be forgotten so easily" ~Sage of the Nine You were one that called to me, knowingly, or unknowingly; I am here to serve a purpose, to guide those through the stars veil, to the minds eye, in truth. If you decide to consult with me your knowledge will grow, if not, your knowledge will still grow. I offer a service should your demons seem to much; call upon me on a whim and it will be an enlightening experience for both of us. "Art of the White Flame sparks life into those that gaze upon it, Vibration is the essence of life, follow the guiding light set before us to find salvation in this broken realm of Terra."-Pact of the White Flames. ______________________________________________________________________ Informal Bio: Some people don't acknowledge this simple fact, SPELLS REQUIRE EFFORT! And they should be made by oneself, for the best results... yes this means actually thinking... as hard and bad as this may seem... DO NOT..ask me for personal spells. will I guide you through the basics, yes, will I teach the laws of the universe... yes... will I let you know the inner workings of how energies manifest from the spiritual to the physical, yes, but will I allow you to be lazy and demand instant gratification.. as so many of us do sadly... hell no, .. get with the program and drive your full emotions and beliefs into your art, all people are unique, ... start becoming an exemplification of this fact..so many paths to choose, yet nobody paves their own? Wheres the personal love and and intimate originality in that? ______________________________________________________________________ Areas of Study: => Many => Things ill let out, not many... if you don't comprehend the middle path, or middle pillar path, chances are, our energies may have conflicts with one another, heres a brief overview of the middle pillar path. => Planetary/Celestial Magicks Planetary Cross: system that runs down the middle of your body following the path of the spine, Uranus (platinum seal)at the crown, Pluto (neon green seal) at the throat, sol (liquid gold seal)at the heart, Luna(female) or lunar (male) (silver seal) groin ,and the bottom of the feet is terra (black) Each planet also corresponds to specific aspects of your being. They are all pieces of a whole (you on terra) this is the fundamentals of planetary magic Uranus > unmanifested> achieving (crown), Saturn > patterns and structure> networking (left ear), Neptune >infinite energetic emissions> intuition (right ear), Pluto >invisible force> transforming (throat), Jupiter > arbiter of all selfs> Idealizing (left shoulder), Mars > inner conflicts> asserting (right shoulder), Sol > higher self> creating (sun/heart), Venus >emotional plane> processing/relating (left hip) Mercury > mental plane> analyzing/communication. (Right hip), lunar (male)/Luna (female) astral plane> feeling (groin), then Terra (manifested reality of all other realities, within the realm of your awareness) This is universal law, anything that effects your planetary bodies in the astral realm, such as negative energies/emotions/attachments, unwanted energy siphoning or output may occur, or psychic attacks,these will effect your subtle body, thus effecting your physical manifested body (Terra), all planetary representations of your "self" come together in many, many layers of vibrations, this creates our physicality, all things that would seem to be out of body, such as thoughts or your astral/etheric body, occur in the space realm of consciousness, you being the center (Sol, center chest); all things revolve around your sense of awareness. "As above, so too below", "as within, so too without" ~ Old People ______________________________________________________________________ My Tarot Reading: Past: I pulled the king of wands which represents a natural-born leader, One who sets himself a goal will stick to it and ensure that it will become reality with the help of those around him. Present: I pulled the six of cups which represents na?ve happiness, innocence and perhaps even nostalgia Future: I pulled the Emperor which is a very significant card, It represents a solid foundation and structure, Power and authority. One whose wisdom is gained through worldly, life experience. ~ Reading by Admirazx ______________________________________________________________________ "There is no up or down, there is only the mind; yet the mind is only that, an illusion of self reflection; when you are aware, all things are silent and kind; the picture is distorted, yet clear as crystal; time seems to vanish, this is the normal; all "thing" hidden, reveals itself at last; words and letters, hold no bearing; and memory flows, into the stream of life."~Sage of the Nine ______________________________________________________________________ Contributions to site: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=695768 (The middle pillar path) http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=624969 (strong personal barrier) http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=624191 (auto writing (please read the comments for more directions)) http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=625294 (effective "energy burst") http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=623986 (higher connectivity)