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Hello There! I am Keisha! I have been on SoM for a while yet still haven't delved into Wicca which is disappointing since I really want to get deeper into it but I am still questioning if right now is a good time. I am your average teen that loves fall out boy, twenty one pilots and panic! at the disco WARNING: I am not here for dating nor am I for being asked to do a spell you will be added to my block list hope you understand... but other than that I'm a pretty chill gal Little extra for all those that like other peoples spooky ghost encounters here is mine:I have always been fascinated with the thought of the supernatural and ghosts which is weird because I can't watch a horror movie without going under a blanket. My personal encounter with spirit was around June I was in my little sisters room and my little sister had stayed in her room and I know for a fact she was because she was still talking to me as I was leaving and the rest of the family was in the kitchen. As I was coming out of the room I turned to look at the basement stairs going down I don't know why but as I had turned I saw a little girl go down two steps and vanish. So if you just want to talk just message me but you won't be getting me social media only one person knows but I don't talk much on my social media which would be my insta kik and snapchat so don't ask Welcome 2017! Hope you have an awesome day and stay geeky