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Name: Joshua_demon
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My real name is Joshua. I am a Norse pagan. For a link on Norse paganism, it's in my website link. I have two astral dragon friends. Drakina and dragur. I am friendly and protective of those close to me. If you have a fluff question I will ignore it. Please have a subject if you can. If you keep on mailing me fluff mail, then I will block you. It's as simple as that. I have a about seven years in actual magick. I will help you. This is not my first account. I am young but I was introduced by my brother who was introduced by my uncle. I am 14 years old.
Current path is: Norse pagan or a heathen as Norse pagans are called. I work more with rokkr deities. A little about myself. I love music, as I stated about in a Heatheran (Norse pagan). I work best with the rokkr. I love to do magick. I know a little dragon magick. I however do not teach it. Astral dragons are the best teachers.
I am straight. Anyways, I am on this site to learn, and help others. I am balanced between my good and bad sides. I have had three past life's. I see them through dreams every night. I love to meet new people and make friends.
I will help when it's a intelligent question. I do not teach though. like to talk about spirits and i'll help if you want information on Norse gods. Just message me that you need help.
My studies include the following:
deity work
Misc topics
norse lore
I am happy to help with the obove.
Path: heathen
Things i know but dont teach because i'm still learning:
dragon magick
choas magick.