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Name: Plantmagick
Birthday: Jun 2 2001
Location: U.K
Gender: Male
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Hi you see my name and I mainly practise plant, healing, empathy and some animal based magic although I am interested in the elements.
I seem to be loved by every animal and plants never die when I care for them. I have always studied but am quite new to re-practising magic and would like to continue learning .-just found my old spells so I Will upload the ones that work for me.
I am Asexual so please stop asking, I would say i am creative and have a talent for writing poems which influences my spell writing.
My element if you haven't already guessed it is earth and I am very empathetic .message me if you want I'll reply
We may have only just met, but i feel your pain and happiness you shouldn't conceal your feelings to yourself when someone can feel your emotions with you.