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Name: LunaCeridwen
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Greetings to my page, My real name is Kyra. I have been into the Pagan/Wiccan Lifestyle/Religion/Way since I was 7, I am now 15. I do not mind teaching anybody anything at all, I welcome students despite my young age. I am half English, half Swedish, making me half anglo-saxon and half nord (viking) and I love many things, some of which includes; Music (Listening to and playing), Reading, Writing, Swimming, Acting, Dancing, Singing. Etc... A little about my spirituality and start sign etc..: ~ I am a Leo. ~ My element is Fire. ~ My planets are The Sun and Venus. ~ My precious stone is the Ruby, Opal, and Peridot. ~ My plant is The Sunflower. ~ My colour is Gold or Red. ~ My opposite is Water and the start sign of Aquarius. (Which funnily enough, my brother is). ~ I am stubborn and a little eccentric but I care very much about my family and friends. ~ My animals are; The Lion, The Cat, The Owl, The Crow and The Tiger. ~ A few other of my sign traits are; Love, Sex, Friendship. ~ The Longitude and Latitude of my Constellation are: Right ascension (longitude) 11 hours, declination (latitude) +15 North. ~The lioness is intelligent, witty, strong and creative~ About my constellation (The Leo) ; Leo is one of the constellations of the zodiac, lying between Cancer to the west and Virgo to the east. Its name is Latin for lion, and to the ancient Greeks represented the Nemean Lion killed by the mythical Greek hero Heracles (known to the ancient Romans as Hercules) as one of his twelve labors. Its symbol is Leo. One of the 48 constellations described by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, Leo remains one of the 88 modern constellations today, and one of the most easily recognizable due to its many bright stars and a distinctive shape that is reminiscent of the crouching lion it depicts. The lion's mane and shoulders also form an asterism known as "the Sickle," which to modern observers may resemble a backwards "question mark." I choose not to judge people, I believe that all people are equal therefore we should not hate them for how they choose to be and treat them as we wish to be treated. I welcome their choices and look at them as equals. I also despise bullying and so please take it somewhere else. Do not judge people on their looks or anything. Get to know them first. ;) "Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, "You owe me." Look, what happens, with a love like that, it lights the whole sky." Relationship status- SINGLE Anyways, by all means message me about anything you wish. Do ask if you wish to be taught anything. You may call me either; Kyra, Luna, or Leo. Gaze upon the skies. Leo