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Name: Doppleganger
Birthday: Oct 21 1972
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 30 Oct 2014
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
I'm an anomaly in an enigma, or at least that's been one of many "labels" others have tried to define me within....but I limit myself to none. I contain aspects of many and the understanding that no "one" is of any less value. I am cryptic, empathic, pranic and very analytical. I'm extremely spiritual but far from religious. Symbols, numbers and linguistics humor and intrigue me. I adore the Renaissance and early English. Vampires, nerds and tattoos are freakin sexy and I'm not to shy to acknowledge that they turn me on. I try not to let to many things get to me and I'm for the most part pretty passive, unless provoked. I'm a hippie chick tossed into a world of chaos and disorder, trying to make the best of it. I am an Indigo .. I have the tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve and deal with things that most wouldn't even dare to and stay sane, or at least a reasonable facsimile there of. I am the mother of three amazing children that I have raised on my own and respect and love them more then life itself. I am momma wolf and the quickest way to get me to bite is to "try" or harm my baby's. Above and beyond anything else I have respect and love, often times unconditionally, and expect the same in return. I have learned that selfless is a value but sometimes(and with a little in I got with the goddess of love and virtue) a little selfish is well deserved, if respected for what it is and causes no harm to others. I am Witch and, yes, I practice Witchcraft... No, I cant turn your X boyfriend or girlfriend into a frog, so please don't ask and I don't sacrifice kittens or eat baby's at midnight (that's more a 3am thing). Education is a beautiful thing and more people should get one. I truly believe that you get what you put out returned threefold, so if you don't want any shit from me then don't toss any my way and well be just fine. I do not like Drama, in fact, i try to avoid it at all costs but do admit that I am not perfect (as no body truly is) and I have been guilty of a time or two afloat within the dramatic seas of the inflicted unnecessary. (OK three or four..lies don't get any one any where). I believe in, respect, give, expect and will fight for truth and honesty, and sometimes even though it may hurt, I do not hold it back. But I also expect the same in return and can accept my own flaws, faults, imperfections and for lack of a better analogy, down right stupid moments. Both, as my nature and a lesson to be learned from. So if your afraid to acknowledge your own then there is a possibility that you and I may not make good friends. I believe that life is a series of trials and tribulations, lessons to learn from...full of many moments for inspiration and potential education. One just must be willing to learn, both from their mistakes and their moments of glory. I believe in balance and without the harder things in life, the good things are not as satisfying. I read a lot. I mean ALOT! BB )O(