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Heya, I'm a 15 year old trashcan. Call me Griffin, Griff or Griffy. (I hella wanna change my username ewww) I'm genderfluid, so call me whatever pronouns you want. I'm pan and an ace. Tbh I'd probably consider myself very butch- Oof- If you hate on the LGBTQ community then please leave. I love anime and manga and just Japan in general. I'm a bit of a writer and artist, though I don't really consider myself good. I'm on wattpad @griffy_tries and I'm on Quotev (@ thegaminggriffin I believe). I'm also a YouTuber, my channel is The Cheshire Chatz. I like to rp so shoot me a message if you wanna although I might take a while to respond. I'm a verified fangirl/boy/thing. I love yaoi and Yuri. I guess that's all, so Laterz.