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I'm not afraid of people knowing who I am. Hi, I'm Skyler Waffles are the most amazing thing ever Dun Question Meh Logic I don't lie unless its to save me, my friends and my family. I'm a real Healer Mage, my focus point is my mood necklace. If you wanna mess with me, my sister, Emmy Ghostsong, will mess you up! Emmy is a real Slender Proxy, just a new and not very well known one. I like to write storis: I have ADHD I have always loved magic and the fey I believe in ghosts and have seen at least five My twin sister Emmy has a special connection with all things paranormal I like anime like Fairy Tail, Madoka Magika, Dangan Ronpa, Corps Party, X Rave, Pokemon, Digimon and many more I am a geek and a nerd and proud of it I am a Pegasister I play Minecraft I watch Skydoesminecraft, SetoSorcerer, Deadlox, OliviaLovesSnow, MangoKiwi, the Yogscast,The Admin Chickens and many more I AM THE WAFFLE GODDESS!!!!! I invented the Paffle If you are still reading this you are awesomer than before I am against bullying The most amazing people are the survivors of kidnapping, bullying and abuse I survived bullying and have two reminders- the horrible agony and one teeny tinny itsy bitsy little scar on my right wrist. My most favoritist song EVER is Bad Apple I had to give a presentation in Laungauage Arts about our favorite song and how it moves us and I played Bad Apple(the Cristina Vee version) and when I had to say why its my favorite heres what happened. Me: I chose this song because its my most favoritest song ever and that's for... reasons My Teacher: Could you tell us those reasons? Patrick:Its from My Little Pony. There was an episode about Apple Jack and they sung a song about it Me: *glares at Patrick with my hair back over my left eye while on the verge of tears* My Teacher: Go on Me: W-well before I came to this school in the middle of 6th grade... I-I... I was bullied *tear slips down cheek* I-I guess I can relate to this song a bit. My Teacher: Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry. Now Skyler that was really brave. See guys if a song can make someone cry that proves music can move people.