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Name: SMagdalene
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Hello, here are a few things to know about me. I am a Christian woman, not sure what my beliefs are at the moment as far as magick goes. I am a new member to this site and I am interested in learning about witchcraft. I am non judgmental. Please don't make assumptions about me because of my faith as I do not about any one else's. my favorite bible verse is Philippians 1:21 "To live is Christ and to die is gain" I enjoy and appreciate all types of music, all types of food, all types of people. -College Student -English Major -Nanny -Girlfriend Talents: -Natural Dream interpreter -Strong intuitive sense of the future and life path possibilities -Intuitive to emotions and thoughts What I'm working on: -Awareness of capabilities -Memory, concentration, reflexes and health -Daily worship and spiritual relationship with my savior -Patience