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Name: silverrfox
Birthday: 1989
Location: Denmark
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 30 Nov 2015
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I'm Silverfox
I am a new witch, although somehow I always knew I was one. I come from a very, as I like to call it 'sensitive' family. Many of us are mediums, or empaths, have the ability to see or sense spirits and also posses healing abilities.
I was born in Poland, and live in Denmark for now. I consider English my first language though! (I do not speak Danish)
I am a biologist, specializing in environment and sustainability.
Still learning about the craft, hope to better myself and strengthen my skills through my studies. I'd love any help and advice I can get :)
Would love to meet people, as I don't know anyone who practices, therefore I am on my own, and with loads of questions!
I am afk until the end of January due to exams and work.