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Name: Theairbender
Location: The Church
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 09 Nov 2014
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I'm a beginner airbender and I suppose to be a waterbender but I have more control over air than water.
I was born in 1992.
I found out my powers when I was a tween.
I'm christan and I still love The Lord.
I have red hair.
I believe anyone can be a little... Wicked :)
My horoscope is cancer. ( July 20 )
My favorite type of spells are power spells.
And I love magic :)!
There is not such thing as the impossible.
Anyone can be who they want to be.
I like Pokemon.
My favorite pokemon is Latios.
I'm From Ireland, Poland, and the Cherokee or how you spell it tribe o_o
Haters gonna hate.
Anyone can succeed.
Anyone can fail.
Anyone can be plain.
Anyone can be bold.
Suicide is not the awnser.
Living life is the awnser.
Don't slay
Don't hate
World peace is all that matters.
Take true friends by the heart.
If you can't find your talent
Then try something new.
Live and love.
Because life is too short.