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Name: ronakd1973
Birthday: Mar 21 1955
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I have 2 adult children, daughter is oldest and married, and a son living at home. I base my life on my religion and the teachings of Jesus Christ, I also believe in magick. So I am interested in combining the two. I am sensitive and like to say psychic as I have had future dreams, met spirits, have had dark spirits stand on my chest and one particular one who tried to pull my soul out of my body, very painful and scary. I can sense a persons thoughts and feelings and can make them feel loved when they are hurting. I can mind talk to animals. I've also met an angel that was watching over me. I work part time and am nearing retirement. I love spring but really love the winter over a hot summer. My fav NFL team is Cincinatti Bengals, fav colors, deep purple, orange and black. We have 2 dogs and a cat, cute funny sweet babies, lol except for old dog who is getting very grouchy. I love my children above all else besides God and Jesus, what mother doesn't? I'm also an Aries. I work part time and like my job. I'm interested in astrology, angels, white magick. I like to meet new people and learn new things from everyone. I should add that for years I have some healing experience, I don't know how strong it is, but my family and friends appreciate the effort I make. I'm sensitive to picking up things in pictures like a person can show me picture of a home and it can be online I don't have to hold it to tell them my impression of the spirit or soul that is there and what they may have looked like and what they may be seeking...............................................................Today I have found my name, it suits me very well, I've always been attracted to tigers, Bengals the most, I have 3 tiger tattoos on my back, my name is Teigra Passionflame, as I am very passionate about everything I do, and also have always been fascinated by fire and flames. Meaning from bewitching names>Teigra (pronounced "TEE-grah") is a Greek name meaning, you guessed it, "tigeress." If you believe in the Chinese zodiac, we are in the last few days of the Year of the Tiger, until February 3th when it turns into the Year of the Rabbit (and I've got a nice rabbit name waiting in the queue for the end of the week). The Chinese belief is that people born in the year of the tiger are sensitive, deep thinkers, but are also hot headed. They don't have a great respect for authority, but are courageous and powerful. Of course, tigers were much more abundant in Ancient China then they are now. You need to be an outgoing person to carry this name. But if you're daring and you're looking for a strong girl's name, Teigra's your gall.