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There are more things in this world than most know or even wish to know. What is known now as myth or legend is often based on things that existed in the past. Supernatural things are among those subjects that are more real than most would believe. Edited 10/3/2014..I have have some conversations that it seems have not matched others ideas that is just fine.I am a true believer in the otherkin because I am one. Lets talk if you share this belief. Agreement is not expected but,respect is, so please don't infer that I am stupid or something like that. I will be offended and ban you from my friends list. Edit, 10/10/2014 Sorry if I made anyone confused, little confused myself right now.Warning, Warning ,Warning, be safe, keep secrets close and watch who is watching you.I have more pics but not sure I covered all the#### spots well enough to post. They are of dragons though. I put them on, mail me if they need to come off even though they are privacy covered.