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Name: LadyMarks2
Location: in a cold basement
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Hey, I'm Rose. Status: My mind is as broken as my heart Should I reach my limit, my kik is rosebernosa I'm engaged Got voices. they're cool, don't trigger them though. I'm 20 I'm panromantic and asexual. It's an actual sexuality, but honestly even if it interested me to have sex if you message me and start asking about that stuff you're automatically getting nothing. Got depression. I cut. Don't start hating me for that, please. I just lost my best friend...I always tried my best to help him with stuff and I loved to spend time with him. He's completely hollow, a shell of who he used to be and he left. He's gone. He's never coming back. People usually run away from me though, I shouldn't be surprised. I'm weird, I got a twisted sense of humour. And I apparently get clingy when I'm sad. Or when I feel things for people. I saved a few of my friends from suicide and one of them both from drugs and abuse. They're all saying I'm a miracle but I'm honestly a nightmare. If you just want to have a friendly chat, you can message me. I don't judge and I love to meet new people. I may have some pretty bad insanity or something because my voices keep telling me the world I like to slip in during chat is real. I don't know what's real or fake about. Just be prepared to go to hell if you talk to me and care enough about me. Chakra test results: Root: Underactive (-6%) Sacral: Open (12%) Navel: underactive (-19%) Heart: Open (25%) Throat: Open (44%) Third Eye: Overactive (88%) Crown: underactive (-12%)