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Name: InnerGallade
Last Seen: Mon, 20 Oct 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio

" Mistakes are only proof that you are trying" ~Unknown

About What I Believe:

We all reside in our own personal universe in one gigantic cosmos revolving around each other with no true moral truths for the entire cosmos but only moral truths for our own personal universe as we do not know, as humans, what truly is true.

Linked Together:

We are all connected in some way or another. Any event that could of been different in someone else's life would affect you in some way. It is like a chain reaction. You are connected to someone who is connected to someone and so on and so forth.

That concept even goes along with the possibility of timetraveling if it existed. If you changed the past, it will have dramatic effects for the future.

Our Own Universes:

This is a confusing thought for many people but take some time and think about it.

Everything in your life revolves around you. The part about us all being connected also falls with this. Anything that would happen would effect your life. This goes with any other person as well. Our universes (also known as our lives) revolve around each other which allows us to be connected. Having different universes is why we have different perspectives, logic, reasons, and understandings of different things but yet we can agree on certain things as well. No one views the same way as someone else. Also, if you weren't the center of your own universe then we wouldn't have chain reactions, we wouldn't be connected, and everything will always be the same with no other possibility. We do not view the universe or our lives the same way someone else. We may think of different situations that are the same; however, there is a gimmick. All those possibly same events happen in different time periods. Even the smallest. If you say it is possible then remember we all have different voices, looks, and personalities.

Moral Truths:

The cosmos (all of our personal universes together) holds no moral truth.

If the universe held moral truths then what we consider right or wrong could not be subjective. No questions asked. We wouldn't have vast religions and cultures that believe in different stuff and moral values. We will all be one culture. Moral truths are possibly like laws that people in that culture have to follow.

Humans are imperfect. How can we assume that there are moral "truths" if we do not "truly" know? Quote truths and truly. Sure, you can suggest written scriptures but even those could be fake and hold the views of only the person or the society/government whom has written such text.

Ex: ISIL. ISIL wants a country for its strict Islamic beliefs through what we consider terrorist attacks and what not. Sure, that is what they morally view as right even though we may morally view it as wrong. It is like different forms of government and the different laws countries abide by. Think of the king, royal subjects, and other people like the colonists. The colonists and other royal subjects did not think that the King was absolute compared to people who did. Even the loyalists thought it was morally wrong to break away from England were as the patriots thought otherwise. You can even go in with politics if you want to go deeper into different scenarios.

When people try to use love as an excuse for a moral truth then they are not standing behind truth and giving false information. Love is an instinct. We are all going to love something no matter what. We cannot help to what or whom we are attracted too. We just do. Love is love.

Love couldn't be a moral truth because it is also subjective. Is love truly good if someone loves someone just for their money, sex, or any other economic value? In my opinion, no. That right there is subjective. It is still love but nothing holding any moral truth.

Moral views also change over time. History will prove this.

Ex: Sacrifices. It use to be morally viewed as good to perform and do human sacrifices for a god or a goddess but now it is morally viewed as bad even in cultures that use to perform such deeds. You can also go into details about how governments are formed through the force theory, evolutionary theory. divine theory, and social contracttheory to farther prove this.