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Name: anarose
Location: Albany, New York
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Since I was four yrs old, I knew I was different. I saw my first ghost when I was that age, and I was not afraid. I would see him often as days went by. I then moved to a house that was haunted by a little girl. This would be my childhood home. As I grew older, I would have dreams of departed loved ones who sent me messages. I also had dreams of things that were going to happen in the future. I still do. I had bad experiences as well like while I was asleep my body would be completely paralyzed and winds would blow over my body and I would hear voices chanting over me. I would say a prayer until it stopped. I then got curious with the craft and had the ability to make things move and turn the lights on and off. My intuition is very strong and I can tell when there is a spirit in a home. I have done spells and feel such a "high" when I do them. I was raised catholic, and I respect Jesus, God, and Saints as well as the Beautiful Gods and Goddesses. My totem animal is a Crow. They are always near. I am able to think of an object that I want and find it the next day at a yard sale. I don't have much money, but I am blessed with other beautiful things that make me rich. I strongly believe in Love. I am an empath, intuitive, a healer, a christian witch.