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Name: ReverendDave
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I have been spell-crafting since I was 17. After all of these years, I've gotten pretty good at it. Do spells and rituals really work? As far as I'm concerned, they sure do! In 1998 I received my B.Msc., from the prestigious University of Metaphysics, and was Ordained a Metaphysical Minister by the University Seminary. I'm a Member in Good Standing in the International Metaphysical Ministry. I have 20+ years experience in the Esoteric Sciences and Arts, and hold a D.Div from the University of Esoterica (2004). Do I know everything about Witchcraft, Wicca (I'm not a witch), spell casting and rituals? No, I'm afraid not. But I do know a lot. Now, whether you care to believe it or not, 90% of my spell requests are for Revenge / Vengeance spells. Through the years I have cast for many, many people around the world, without incident. There aren't too many of us out here who do those type spells for other people. I do "no-rules magic", so, as you can see, I do not subscribe to the "three-fold-law". For me, it doesn't apply. If you do, then it does. My friends, that is the way it is through out life's journey. If you believe in something, then in your Belief System, it becomes true. That's why Spells work - for me! I'll leave you with this proverb, "No matter what Path a man may follow, no matter where it leads, it leads to Me"! - Proverb.