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EchoWish's Profile

Member Info
Name: EchoWish
Birthday: Jul 21
Location: Crawling from hell to burn your beautiful soul
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 10 Jun 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Ayeee guys WELCOME to my page HONESTLY PEOPLE READ MY BIO BEFORE MESSAGING ME! IM TAKEN OKAY.... WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO TAKE EVERYTHING THE WRONG WAY. FIRST OFF IM NOT A B....NEVER WILL BE AND SECOND IM NOT A SMART A GIRL....TO BE HONEST IM NICEST GIRL YOULL EVER MEET I GUESS IT YOUR LOST Song of a day: blink 182- I Miss You Spirital animal: Fox :3 TAKEN BY: STINGERFIRE --------------------------------------------------------------------- I just want to point out if you mesaage me and i dont message back its not cause im ingoring you im just really really busy with school and stuff so hopely i will get too you i promise(: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Its EchoDreams my account been gagged over 9 months and i deleted it and made this ones!! For all who dont know me im shania and im 15 and been in to magick since i was 11 years old. Im total nerd :D and band obsessed i love tons of bands i love muisc so much i dont know what to do with out. Im taken sorry hehe sorry this isnt long enought like other profile just to lazy to write xX also you can look at photos not much in there right now and im 100% real not fake if i can trust you enough ill give you my facebook i do have a cell phone but i wont give number out!! Im bisexual and very emotional i suffer from depression and anexity but over the internet im very joyful and always happy to talk to people and help and i have done spells and they worked amazingly!! If you nedd help just ask me i will try my very best of what need i promise okay ******************************************************* Ish a vampire *-* ******************************************************* Anit-christian who needs jesus xD ******************************************************* Crawing from hell to burn your beautiful soul That i must desire I have commited to my father Demons are my brothers ******************************************************* Her hands were shaking Her palms dripping with blood Had she created this mess before her Had she really become her own nightmare ****************************************************** Screw socitey i got spirits ^~^ *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* well Byesss P.s. chu can message meh if u want noooo FLIRTING or meh will block you P.s.s. haha i do worship the devil!! ******************************************************* I know English and Japanese -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANDS I LIKE: (i may forget some cause i love alot) Pierce the veil Bring me the horizon Of mice and men Motionless In White Asking alexandria Sleeping with sirens Black veil brides Kittie Ghost Town August Burns Red All time low Nrivana Skillet Blink 182 Three day grace Panic at the disco Marilyn manson My chemical romance Suicide silence Mayday parade Bless the fall Never shout never Her bright skies Cute is what we aim for 5 seconds of summer papa roach paramore Green day Metallica Slipknot Korn System of a down Fall out boy (These aint in order but totally forgit tons i know for a fact this list could go on forever but dont want to bore you) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Shes dropping out of school cause she dont need the grades The colors in her hair dont seem to fade I get dressed up when i go out but she gets dressed down shes 17 ive told her im 20 I couldnt take her out cause mum got no money Its stuff like this that makes me wish that i could change somehow Sitting here at home its obvious Shes got a rose tattoo but she keeps it covered I play guitar but shes into drummers She seen my face around But she doesnt even know my name i pierced my lip so she thinks im cool I ripped my jeans and dropped out of school i followed her round the town But she thinks that im a weirdo now sitting here at home its obvious ------------------------------------------------------------------ Sorry guys i havent been on.....alot has been going on alot with school and just depression but just message me like really!!! Lol hehe i dont bite