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Name: 3larissa
Location: New Zealand
Gender: Female
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My goal is to transform my body into my ideal form, this goal has given me an eating complex, social anxiety and depression.. I've gone through a really hard road with this. If you need someone good to talk to, holla :)
My long, lost friend has strong magical talents and opened my eyes to Wiccan practices, magic, fae, Celtic and Medieval times. I often went to her for insight. Now she's gone. I need to work on my own spiritual gifts and extrasensory perception.
My goal for the week:
Learn more about Runes. Update: The runes have been collected and printed and will be ready tomorrow for reading practice ^_^
Here's some spiritual mish mash about me:
My realm is angelic.
I had a demon for a pretty long time.
My totems are the tiger (courage) and the owl (wisdom).
I have a grey wolf spirit animal.
I'm a Cancer sun, Libra moon and Virgo rising, born in the Year of the Horse
I feel strongly connected to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Middle East.