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"Children visit this site." That'd be me. Hello everybody~! I'm Katie, or Kurai. I'm a young Wiccan and Witch who loves magick, helping others, friends and fandoms~! Besides writing spells, I also draw, watch TV, and write stories/poems/fanfiction. I'm a diehard shipper with very little NOTPS besides some...obvious ones, but I doubt you care about that. I also role-play. Anyone that wishes to do that can contact me at my Skype, "Gold Encompass". Pretty sure I'm the only one... Anyway, I'll post spells up here :) and hopefully you people find them useful! I will NEVER do love spells, save for friendship and family and stuff of that nature. Not romantic love. I'm relatively new to spell-casting, but practice makes perfect, right? So far I've been successful in healing, hopefully wings (they're still coming in), inspiration, and other, misc. areas. If anyone has tips on helping me fly (whether it be with wings or not), feel free to get in contact! It's my #1 magick mission! So far I can only find wing spells, so maybe we could start a flock~? P.S. Even though I am young, I'm not stupid. I don't trust easily, even if I act like I do.