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My name is Manon, I have been doing shadow work all my life, I can make a shadow creatures come in to your dream for information and far as well. Some people think shadow work is evil but only in the hands of some, as many people turn to magic , i turn to the darkness as the power of light turns to me and helps bend of my shadow work . Im in to the power of darkness not dark magic , I have called the darkness to guide me if needed help some times.I call it for help if I have got in to trouble or other things . I have started a coven called two hearts so every one can put what they wont in the spell book , some will be fine when I look at them and others no . I have learn new this with me dear friend mooqueen with the power of crystal work as she calls it . CRYSTAL METHOD : ClEANSING YOUR STONE UNDER WATER ..... Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold, so that any natural cracks in the stone are not exacerbated by the effect of the water. If you live near river or stream, all well and good, but otherwise tepid tap waterr will be just as good.Hold your stone under the water for a few minutes, and while concentrating on its energy, ask for all negative and unharmonious vibrations and energies to leave and only those that are beneficial and positive to stay. Gently dry your stone with a cotton towel. It is then ready to use. SMUDGING WITH INCENSE..... some healing stones such as calcite, selenite and dioptase will crumble or cleave on contact with water. With these stones,use incense for cleansing. Sage and cedar (used by native Americans) and sandalwood are the best, because they are cleansing substances, although any sandalwood-based incense will suffice. Surround your stone with the cleansing smoke of smudge stick or incense stick, while asking for it to be cleansed of any negative or unharmonious vibrations and energies. THE SUN AND THE MOON..... Crystals and heaing stones enjoy sitting in the sunlight and moonlight.They will be rejuvenated and cleansed.Remember to keep water-sensitive stones out of the rain.You may wish to place them in a window which receives much sunlight or moon light. BURYING IN THE GROUND ..... Bury your stone a couple of inches below the ground, remembering where it is ! A terminated crystal should be placed with the point down.Visualise cleansing and healing energy going intothe stone.After 24 hours,unearth your stone. If it feels as if it needs more time,rebury it,Keepan eye on it until it is ready to come out and be used for healing work. This is a good method for stones that you haven't managed to cleanse and clear with either the water or smudging methods. (Don't use this method for water-sensitive stones in case of rain!) Crystals can before healing and can help in the futur if you would like to get to no about a crystal just send me a mail and i will get back to you . CRYSTAL LIST: BLACK STAR: During the times of Atlantis and lemuria,Black star was used as a scrying stone,so it will take you into the depths. It provides a great deal of protection for those exploring deep spiritual parths,and will Keep you connected to the earth while travelling the universe. Provides a dirct link to otherworld entities.Excellent for exploring past lives, taking you back slowly and carefully. Black star will absorb excess energies which clutter the mind. An excellent grounding stone for those undertaking astral travel. A time link to the past in this life also, and especially helpful for those wishing to resolve childhood trauma and reclaim the innerchild. Beneficial for those recovering from incest and abuse memories. Will help uncover early blocks that make you forget. It can be used in combination with green barite for purging unwanted entities that are almost being in themselves.Black star will provide you the protective shield, while green barite will dig out that which is not needed and is slowing your development. Use Black star for problems with the feet which are preventing you moving along life's path. When a decision need to be made, consult Black star. Stare into its shining surface and see the star with in which is you . CLEAR KUNZITE: This stone is called clear Kunzite,this stone is more active then pick Kunzite and more focused on understanding creativity in spiritual realm.Ask it about timing in the pursuit of your activities STAUROLITE (FAIRY CROSS): An orthorhombic crystal which is most often found as crystal twins forming a cross. CHAKRA: root/base Grounding, linking you to Mother Earth. Creates a bond between humans and the natrural environment, and is therefore good to use with epidote. the cross formation signifies the meeting of spirit and matter, death and rebirth, and so it is with our leaving our past behind as we move on to our spiritual destiny.It will help heal the break between our past and futur lifestyles. Staurolite shows that the transition from darkness into light is easier the we think. It encourages a less materially-based existence. Helps manifest that which is needed to make our physical lives comfortable and assists in rejecting that which does not benefit us spiritually . At those points where our spiritual life must meet with our material existence, staurolite smoothes over the cracks and aligns all levels of our being so we can fell more comfortable in our selves. Table of Great Old Ones: The Great Old Ones are ancient extraterrestrial beings of immense power, and most are also colossal in size. These entities seem to have a physical shape, but being cosmic lifeforms from beyond our space-time continuum means they are not based on matter in our definition of the concept, yet their forms are built on principles similar enough to those of true matter that they appear to be material in their nature. They are worshipped by deranged human cults, as well as by most of the non-human races of the mythos. The Great Old Ones are currently imprisoned a few beneath the sea, some inside the Earth, and still others in distant planetary systems and beyond. The reason for their captivity is not known, though there are two prevailing theories: They were sequestered by the Elder Gods for using black magic transgressions, or they are sealed off somehow from the rest of the universe of their own volition. [2] According to the first theory, the Great Old Ones were once related to the Elder Gods. When they committed some unknown blasphemy, they were cast out and imprisoned in various places in the universe. The Great Old Ones impatiently await the time of their release, eager to seek retribution against their jailors. The second theory holds that the Great Old Ones are intentionally dormant. To account for this, it is possible that the universe experiences cosmic cycles, similar to the natural seasons which occur on earth. Just as some animals hibernate during the winter, so too must the Great Old Ones rest in a death-like sleep during the present cosmic cycle. [3] If this is so, the Great Old Ones are currently trapped by powerful cosmic forces and must remain so until such time as the planets are in a certain alignment... or "the stars are right the event upon which they may be released and can revel once more across the cosmos.