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Name: c.Alunicaway
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Hi... I'm Alunica. I always wanted to learn more about magic, because I always felt right in it. My family forbade it, telling me magic was all demon blood and voodoo, but that's not true... It couldn't be. my brother was born with a eye disorder, slowly losing his eye sight they were just going to remove the cloudy lenses his eye had, not because it would help, but because it would make him appear normal. Me, being mad at my God screamed during the operation- "Why are you doing this?!" and I felt a voice... Not heard but felt... "Just have faith" and I knew what I had to do. I said out loud- "Through God all can be... I ask my brother see!" and a miracle happened- my brother started screaming "stop! Stop! I can see!" and I knew that they were wrong. magic still is like a flaw in my life, like it either should be or not, but it is both. Spells and dreams come, but they aren't always easy, and often back fires occur... (i often talk of them) I'm here to learn and connect, I feel locked up in my house, and I'm not even allowed to go to church, this is my freedom. Now some details about me- my favorite colors is green, blue, purple, yellow and white my birthday is 8-14 I love warm hugs (lol) and fuzzy anything! I hate lying... I can do it well... But I hate it I apologize if you look for lessons... Im afraid that I will not be providing as before promised... i sincerely am sorry... May light go your way