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Don't let your emotions interfere with moneymaking deals. Minor accidents could occur if you don't take precautions. Have some fun, but draw the line if someone tries to fast talk their way into your heart.
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Erzbet's Profile

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Name: Erzbet
Location: Chicago
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 13 Oct 2017

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
(I AM MARRIED. IF YOU MESSAGE ME WITH PROPHETIC NEWS ABOUT SPELLS I PLAN TO CAST. DO IT. HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE MESSAGING ME JUST TO HIT ON ME GO AWAY. I AM HERE TO LEARN AND MAKE FRIENDS WITH WITCHES, VAMPIRES, AND OTHER SUCH BEINGS IN ORDER TO STRENGTHEN MY ABILITIES. GO AWAY IF YOU JUST WANT TO HOOK UP, I WILL BLOCK YOU.) "Her kiss doth persist in her abstinence to pure intention Ah, that damned fortunate fair Her beauty in that medium compels his all And as she touched him a bit more of his being faded ...Everything she set in motion, like her beauty, would fall And wither... My darling Bathory, a story of beauty and the blade." My birthname is Lillian, but I changed my named to Elizabeth (Erzbet to be precise for the Countess Bathory) when I gave away my virginity. Both are variants of eachother and mean, "God is my Power, the Promise of God." I am a young woman (4'11" inches tall, 130 ilbs) who has been told she has beauty of face, soul, and mind. I have been told I sing like a Siren as well. I was once a Christian but have lost my faith to some extent and worship Hades and Christ in conjunction. I have discovered my empathy powers and such, and am trying to progress in my more otherworldly powers with spells and magic. I am currently using beauty spells and love spells, in hopes to spark a memorable relationship. Ankhs are signs of my love and favour. I wear a hematite one around my neck and pass them to suitors who have earned my favour and adoration. Hematite is a balancing stone and imbues stability, life, and confidence. It's also black, and black is my favorite color next to blood red. I am Greek (and Native American) and adore the Greek epics, ancient culture, and I also enjoy the spirituality of my Native American lineage. I have a natural nack for dream interpretation and I have seen the future in my dreams. I also feel when something is about to happen and can foresee little things by thought. My ESP is much higher than normal and I am hoping to control it. Within the past few years I have noted an uncanny ability to absorb energy and feed off of it, as a form of psychic healing, but have ceased bleeding my soul to people who do nothing for me in return. I also believe my magic relies in my singing voice and connection to the energies around me. And when I sing in their tune, I harness the purest of my powers. I compose music, sing it, and I have been Operatically trained for the past 7 years. I have changed my mind though about what I want to do for a career and have changed majors to become a teacher of children. I love resin incenses, sages, candles, skulls, and dried flowers. I was also once plagued by dreams of a vampire named Jakob, whose face I did not see, but I know he has light eyes and curly hair. I often wonder if he is real or not. Though the dreams have convinced me that I was once Elizabeth Bathory. Check out my Facebook and the Youtube video posted to hear my Siren song. (Written all by me.) Proper instrumentals are in my personal youtube channel; EnviedCure776 Favorite foods: Tapioca-flour based pastries (I do my best to abstain from gluten) Smoked salmon Well-done venision chops and ground venision Peas Vegan chocolate Raw salad Hibachi style veggies Home-made fruit smoothies Black, Earl Grey tea Also, please do not ask me to perform spells for you. In order for my powers to work I must have an emotional/energetic connection to you. I also do not perform spells for others because of how it can backfire. I have nothing against anyone who wants me to perform spells, but it goes against the code of the 5 Pillars of the Underworld (My religion, yet again) and we cast out the evil that condemns us. Please do not make me invoke the will of the Cosmos and the Underworld. Thank you. Personal notes: I'm into body modification and if I had the money I'd get more tattoos and piercings. I currently have one tattoo that is inspired by my faith in Hades, Persephone, and Christ. I also adore the symbolism behind the design. I have nipple rings for a similar purpose of Death Worship. I also have ear piercings that appear to be gauges, but are not. I wish I could gauge my ears but I am getting a degree in teaching and must look the part. I love being wined and dined, so receiving gifts like Debrand chocolates or metal-stone earrings or rings is always a way to show me you value my time. I also love it when men write poetry about me. I love to cosplay and make dresses. I have an eerie allergy to silver, but once in a while I will come across a silver item I can tolerate wearing. If not I get hives and begin to itch. I have a weakness for Slavic and Nordic men, preferably ones with long dark hair (curly hair especially,) dark eyes, slim forms, and pale skin. Whenever I see one I get weak in the knees. I am into vampirism but I have yet to make the transition to sanguinarian because I have yet to find a host. I mainly feed on energy and that is where my empathy comes in. I must balance and conjure my chakras before I can properly feed on energy. Though that does not subdue my cravings for biting and blood. I am also pretty friendly so if you want to talk to me go ahead. But if you creep me out I will be brutally honest and cease talking to you. Do not inquire me about personal things and or ask favorable things of me that a stranger should not inquire to another stranger. The 5 Pillars of my Faith: 1) Care for the lives that exist already, do not pander to the lives that strain upon those who struggle already. (ex. prochoice. Abortion is necessary to preserve the lives and population already in struggle. Life is cherished, not the potential of lives that can ruin what is cherished already.) 2)Do not allow emotion to overcome logic. Emotions deter the progress of humans. (ex. falling in love. Do not let love get in the way of your own hopes and dreams. Do not make sacrifices in the name of love that can destroy your future, such a dropping out of college to get married and start a family. Your life comes first and foremost.) 3) Do not allow condemnation and suicidal thoughts to overcome your fellow man. Aid those who seek to be solaced, pull them from the pit. Show unending empathy and seek to help the person out of their pain. Once you understand the source of their pain you can find a pathway out of this. 4) In conjunction with Pillar 3, do not allow yourself to be condemned by those who use sorrow and depression to manipulate, deceive, and lie to those around them to gain pity. If they do not learn from their mistakes and thus choose to use their problems to leech of of others, they are not worthy of pity. (ex. my ex who used his depression to manipulate me, feel guilty, than harassed me for months to try and come back to him under the accusation he was changing. Saying he was wrong then calling me "harlot, succubus, and evil" when I refused to come back.) The 5th Pillar: The Centerpiece The centerpiece deals with Death. Death is viewed as ultimate enlightenment, that while suicide is blasphemous, our lives are opportunities to better mankind and our own lives. We live with purpose, perhaps not right away, but it develops over time. Death is to be respected, as are the dead. Tombs, sepuchlres, coffins, gravestones, and so on, are meant to signs of hope and privilege. That pain ends in death, and thus praise is given to the dead, and the God of the Dead, for the blood and suffering shed. Ultimate Ideal: We consider death the reward for a life well spent. That our souls will reach omniscience in death. We will have no bonds, no more emotions. We will be free to ponder and become something greater that ourselves We believe Christ is the ultimate archetype of what we get in death, for bettering mankind. Living with purpose and empathy, but also logic I am the founder of this Faith. That is all.