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Name: Dextrator
Location: Montenegro
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 27 Dec 2014
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Hello my name is Vuk,Im 15 years old and Im from a very small country called Montenegro,Im really really in love with everything thats religious and spiritual I think life is a magical jounrye and you should take the most of it :)
Small Info -
Im Addicted to Smoke(Cannabis,cigarettes,anytthing smokable)Dont judge me it brings me spiritual peace :)
All my life I had an animal next to me and I will continue like that :)
Im respectable towards your opinion but if you tell me smoking cannabis is wrong and use it to judge me as a person,I will lose all my respect to you :S
Im very interested in Wicca,Im just starting so if you know starting spells I would gladly talk to you at any time of day I will not sleep just to talk to you :D So feel free to talk to me Im very social :)