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Name: eduvallw1
Location: Salem Oregon
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 09 Oct 2016

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Hello, my name is Eric Lee Duvall-Winscher. I am currently the Gender and Sexuality Diversity Representative for the Associated Student of Chemeketa. Representing the entirety of the LGBTQ+ Community is something I take very seriously. When a project needs to be done I get it done. As part of my job I have started and currently run a Gender and Sexuality Safe Zone. It is a resource that anyone in the LGBTQ+ Community can use whether or not they are a student. It is designed for people to use as they need it; some people just come in to relax, others to talk about what is going on in life, and others use it to meet others in the community to further their support network; however it is needed it is adaptable so it can fit those needs. I take the safe zone very seriously and anytime that someone tries to do something that may get the safe zone suspended for investigation or that could hurt the people that use it, I take immediate steps to remedy the situation.

My first and foremost priority above and beyond anything is my friends. I take friendship very seriously and I would do anything to help my friends. I would sacrifice my life to save the life of a friend without even thinking twice. When I become a friend I jump in very deeply right away; I want to show people that I care and I will be their no-matter what.

However I have Asperger?s Autism; so I don?t pick up social cues very well. I am getting better, but I tell people that if your are uncomfortable for any reason just let me know. I don?t want to make anyone?especially my friends or possible new friends?uncomfortable, so just let me know and I will pull back.

That being said, I would never get rid of my Asperger?s Autism; it is a part of who I am and it has helped me gain amazing skills in certain areas. A little lacking in social skills but that is made up in computer skills, math, and understanding.

Now, this will sound weird but, I believe in the power of love! We are not talking about the ?Mushy Gushy? stuff Holly Wood is famous for; but the real emotion. Love is so much more than just a silly word; I wrote an entire paper about it at one point exploring five different areas of Love; love for things, love for pets, love for family, love for friends, and love for significant others. They are all love, just at a different level. I believe that we should all love the world and everyone in the world no matter what. I believe that there is no person that is ?Evil.?

One of my greatest strengths is my sixth sense; I can see the good and potential in others even when they can?t see it in themselves. There is no comparison to the level of joy you get when you help someone realize that they are so much more than the world has told them they are. I would rather help someone in need than help myself. I believe that through love you can help anyone.

I never judge anyone on first impression. I believe strongly that ?Normal is just a setting on a dryer? and that there is not ?normal.? I once heard it put ?be yourself, everyone else is taken? and these words resonate in me and shape my day to day life and how I see the world. We all have are, for lack of a better word, ?Quarks? and they are all part of what makes each and every one of us amazing people.

I am Bi-sexual and both Homo-romantic and Demi-Romantic; in other wards I am looking for a relationship with a man; however, if left to me I am more likely to just become friends to start and if something develops it does and otherwise having friends is good enough for me. Slow and steady wins the race, explains this well. Sometimes my style of friendship comes across as romantic interest; but it is just how deeply I view friendship.

Lastly I am just an all-around fun loving, optimistic guy that loves to help others. I love Disco Music even though I am too young, and still enjoy the Power Rangers! I believe that you?re never too old to be young at heart! I care deeply for people and it is very genuine.


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