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Name: RavenRoar1
Birthday: Apr 17 1982
Location: the end of the age
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I am alone there are no gods where I am I have always been fascinated by magic, and magick, anything that defeys the senses grasp of what is possible, since i was a kid i saw things and said things , that i did not understand at that time , but understood were spiritual in nature, like one time i was telling my mom " when i was little , you were big" and i knew i had a past life, i see things most other do not see , auras , visions in light and shadow if i stare long enough , and sometimes can see/ talk to spirits, it was very confusing for me growing up , and alot of tmes it would overwhelme me or make me feel crazy -yearsof practice 13 , 8 of which was mostly research study of prophcey, and symbols ,philospophy and dreams and path working -topics im good at ,chaos magic , shamanism , ninjitsu, (intense study of occult martial arts) energy work , cyber magick - areas i enjoy dabbling , in occult history, element magick, herbal, and animal lore, chakras , and epicness :) if you wish to talk , send me a message i love being helpful , but please use some common sense and maturity , i will do my best to do the same To dare , to know , to be silent , is for me the simple guide to success for any magick user just got these results on a spirit animal quiz Crow Like a crow, you are a mysterious and sometimes powerful force. People even wonder if you have a little magic up your sleeve. You may or may not believe in special powers, but you are attracted to the darker side of life. You are fascinated with the unknown. You are a big believer in destiny. Personal transformation doesn't frighten you - it's getting you closer to your fate. You are intelligent and perceptive. You are ready to leap forward and take a risk when the time is right. You are flexible and adaptable. You will gladly change to survive in this world ... You are easily remade. You are mischievous and even a bit of a trickster. People know that you're manipulative, but they still come back for more.