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Name: LadyinRed
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Hey-o! I am LadyinRed but you can call me Milly. I do not necessarily visit these sites but I wanted to pay someone back. :) Well then, let's get started! My favorite color(s) are Black, Red, Blue, Turquoise, and Purple. I live in the "Tea State". I study the human mind and force. I am a Neko, want proof? Meow.^3^ We all deserve some sweet glory so lets make that happen. And thank you for wasting approximately 17.10 seconds reading this. :) P.S That up there, yeah my picture. That is my real skin and I did not use a spell on it to make it like that, it is my natural skin so please do not message me of how my skin is so "perfect". Please do not 'hit' on me. ^-^