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Name: Comeback666
Last Seen: Wed, 25 Oct 2017
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"Return from the witches tomb, Unclean spirits of deceased. To spread revenge in deepest gloom, Salem shall never rest in peace." - "From wood and sky they come To haunt and awake from dream. Swollen voices to harrow by night Swift infliction to covert thy screams." - "Hear the voice of the dead, Long lost voice of the damned." - "And forth be set upon Salem this curse. An evil on all, That can not be taught. Until revenge, nineteen witches will thirst. And upon Salem this day... The devil still walks." ()-()-()-()-()-()-()-()-()-()-()-()-() "I command thee spirit, Fly out from me. Strike forth upon Salem, From this town may god flee." - "Fly my spirit, Cast shadow into dreams. Curse the names of the holy, Let hell ride they wings." - "I have seen the night. I have seen the shadows. In the wood where they dance With the devil. I have seen the crow. I have seen the blood. Bleeding into a book of black. I have seen the witch. I have seen her naked. Conjuring her spells in the dark of night. I have seen the moon. I have seen the sun. As they combine into one another." - "Sickened be those of the light. Tainted excuse of human life. Set fire unto the flock this night. Blessed be horns that rise." ------------------------------------ () () () () () () () () () () () () () ------------------------------------ America The Great Black Serpent of Destruction. With a hunger to swallow the world. Hunger is her an she is all of it. Slithering through the governments unseen. Scales as black as night. Scales of hysteria an obscurity. Venom that indoctrinates the foes. Domination an control is her ambition. An she will have it. Constrain the world of freedom an humanity. Drain religion an freedom of free will. An inevitable great darkness. The great babylon of the millennia. For fire shall cast down to the governments who oppose. Their people distraught in all loss. The vanguard of great ruin. The influence of Suffering. Breaths of oppression. Eyes sparked with ice cold emptiness. Sinews braced for the fall. Talons of terror. The ability to kill a god. The determination to kill a dream. The ambition to control. Born of freedom an a belief of a god. Corrupted by power an progress. The Serpent Swallows itself constricting the earth with it. The great black void. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Oh, say can you see by the dawn there's no light? What so proudly we hailed at the worlds last gleaming? Whose broad price and bright ash thru the perilous fires, O'er the mass media we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our god was never there. Oh, say does that sun shine no more ever again? O'er the land of control and the home of the enslaved?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Awakening now, from an emerald-hazed slumber Panic & mania...brought from what I have seen. A city shrouded in complete & utter silence Forbidden landscape of my blasphemous dreams Obsolete vista of unknown architect Cyclopean structures; malachite-like dripping ooze It will bring horrors beyond the likes of Dunwich It will bring horror, revelation & truth It has gripped my mind; subconscious residuum Involuntary visions of an estranged citadel Luring Master; Telepathic Disseminator I will find you through consciousness & will Supreme dweller, who whispers in darkness Seeking one...made of flesh & bone Necronomic scriptures shall map my path Descending unto undimensioned crypts of stone "What I see is unmeant for mortal eyes. Paralyzed in dream state I somehow telepathically float towards the abstract monolith. I seem to be lowering further & endlessly down. Diminishing is the light of the sun which breaks through what I can only imagine to be the crown somewhere on the Pacific. Darkening becomes my vision except for the unworldly structure I fear to know. Engulfed in black oceans, I am channeled forth...beyond my will. As spoken by the Esoteric Order, here lays the sea soaked perversion that houses a great dead dreaming priest. I have reached the monstrous acropolis. It sits in loathsome shapes that could only be built by travelers from dark stars beyond galaxies we've yet to discover. Oh what mass this place holds. Surely only a titan must lurk within these stones. Not even the gates of heaven could rival these dimensions. Here surely rests the supreme dweller. Deepest of deepest ones laying behind the wall of sleep. I now must begin my descent beyond earth's alternate dimensional plane. Outside the circles of time & downwards through dark pillars bearing inscriptions foreign to the eyes of man. Behold the mighty nightmare-corpse city we once thought unreachable. Behold a dripping Babylon of elder-demons. Behold the metropolis tomb & colony of Cthulhu. Behold R'yleh" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Iridescent golden flecks radiate within blackened stone Hieroglyphic-colossal blocks, undoubtedly The Destroyer's Throne. Indestructable contraption that bears inscriptions, Resurrecting instructions, aloft a heap of bones. Terror of apprehension...creating imagination I weave wild witchery to wake...thee unknown. Alternative Universe, descend unto our atmosphere Dark gods ascend in us, we reap what we have sown. Let the voices of the faithful be heard beyond boundless wells of night. Chant boisterous, spirits of earth...shout hymns amidst greatest might. Dread & admiration, dream-sculptured incantations, Psychotic mind-molestation, he is within my sight! Great old one, elusive external King, generate stellar blackness; our world devoid of light. Electric anathema, bring song from Tru'nembra cease the clock of time, import our spheres last rite. My orifices dripping with jellied-green For sure Shoggoths within my limbs Protoplasmic organ fiends Moving through my blood like a slithering Yig Re-animator; I am the chosen one Gifting re-birth to he who eternally lies Yet with strange aeons... Even Death may die. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By the words of the Mad Arab Alhazred, From the nameless city & keeper of the keys. Behold my findings from behind nine doors. Rushing devils now invoke my dreams. Dark universe I hear ye yawning. Black as the Witches' Cauldrons are Old Minds more intelligent than Miskatonics. Here I seek you and dare to travel far. Gathered now the black brotherhood be, Under stars aligned in Trapezohedron form. Bas-relief readings from the idol stone, conducting rituals; Cthulhu be reborn! Before hell-wind & titan-blue, Aeon-shadowed Walpurgisnacht. Rise from Yith-infested Seas, Psychic-tentacle mind rot. Cthulhu, Azathoth. Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath. Father Dragon, Dagon. Mother Hydra, Yog-Sothoth. Born on the wings of night, Are those out beyond space. From dim eras & dark stars, Entering here through the spirit gate. Black-winged ones travel through sky, Cephalopods of cryptic lore; Stretching beyond Arkham minds. Cthonian prophecy shadows forth. Electricity from below, smoke-wreathed world of dream. Violet lamp-starred twilight, Nothing here is what it seems. I see the tower in the dark, A shadow that is out of time. Lightning strike from cloudless skies, In their name dark star Yuggoth shine! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Darkness constructing, the vast deep rises forth Great poison from the sea, tenebrous wings storm the shore. Lunacy exploding, reclaiming realms of wonder Wailing out to infinity, roaring like a thousand thunders. Rise & set blackest sun, shine upon the end of man Let us pray to see Kadath, let us dream on plateaus of Leng. Cover Earth with slate Abyss, reverberate our all-knowing end, Welcome us through shamanic portals, let our minds from our bodies ascend Transparent being gleaming through emerald light Undimensioned knowing not the day or night Great mountain of madness, wielding wormholes from beyond, Space-aquatic-levitator; summoning star-clusters blocking dawn Yuggoth descend from what is left of our sky, and now the world & all contained inside shall die This is the end, the end of all. For all is lost...& lost are all...