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Hello, I am Rylee. I am 14 years old. I'm very new to this so if anyone has any tips as to help me learn and cast spells, please do not hesitate to mail me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. c:


Some facts about me :

I am a Scorpio.

I have quite a few dreams about bears and I don't know why.

I'm very serious about learning about magick. Specifically white but black seems fun as well. I also would like to learn to be a healer.

I believe I can see the future via dreams. One night I'll dream that, for example, I'll be holding a wooden spoon and talking to my little sister. A couple of days later, the exact thing happen with the exact words.

I also feel like I know what someone will say. Usually I guess what someone will say and when they'll say it so I say it and they end up saying it,too. It only happend twice so it may be only just a coincidence.

My mom and I can usually feel if someone is a good person or not.

Oh yeah, and my favorite bands are: The 1975, The Wonder Years, Arctic Monkeys, Queen, The Story So Far, La Dispute, Neck Deep, Being as an Ocean, and so on. I have many favorites.



Root : Open (38%)

Sacral : Open (44%)

Nave : Open (69%)

Heart : Open (50%)

Throat: Open (69%)

Third Eye : Open (44%)

Crown : Over-Active (81%)