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Name: John, Pietro, Chinh Element: Water Birthstone: Garnet Am I a fluff? NO! Am I nice? Yes! Works with: Elements (All 4 as I am connected and open to them), Psychic, Meditation, Chakras, Tarot Card (Osho Zen and Gay Tarot), Empath. Learning how to do astral projection. Oh and trying to develop more Chi Power. "There is no light or dark, good or evil. Let go. To fight another is to fight you. Let go. We are all one. Let go of your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty. And become wind When we hit our lowest points, we are open to the greatest change. You think that freedom can be taken away or be given out in a whim. Well to people, freedom is just as essential as air. Without it, there is no life, there is only darkness. Instinct is told by a fearful body, hoping for it to be a lie. When you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality. If you look for the light, you often find it. If you look for the dark, that is all you will see. Find the light in the dark. Darkness cannot live without light as much as light cannot live without darkness." -Legend of Korra I do Tai Chi, Hung Gar, Baguazhang and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Im a master for all 3 of those martial arts for 5 years now. I just mastered Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. I also practice immobilization and pressure points. Update: I have learned sigils and the enochian language. Connected to the Archangel Gabriel. Birth Angel: Metatron Im gay so yea.... And I'm taken so yea. Message me at anytime you want.