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Name: Dark_Magic
Location: Missouri
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 19 Dec 2009

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To Begin:

Do not send me solitary messages. No "Hey what's up." Please do not. It is a waste of both my time and yours. Do make sure the message has meaning to the conversation. Please and Thank you.

Also, not everything can be solved with the powers of magic.

No matter if it was light or dark. Make sure that there is everything humanly done to solve your situation before you come to me for help. I can not help you with everything you wish to know about your life. I can merely give you a spell or advice but I can NOT make everything right between you and others or you and yourself.

I will not perform anything for you. I must know you personally for my magic to have any effect on you or others around you. I can grant you with spells but the rest is up to you.

All magic has consequences. Please think before you act and hope that, that spell is truely what you want to perform.

I have been studing witchcraft a good two and a half years, not counting the natural talent I have with stopping and starting storms. If I wanted to make it rain, i merely stood outside and started to chant.

I need no ouiji board to talk to spirits, to see spirits, to communicate. I specialize with casting curses, love spells, death spells, and small spells.

"Your eyes wander in so many directions:

some paths,

lead you on a journey of unknown proportions.

Some journeys,

will lead you in a direction that you fail to recognize,

that you fail to turn around before it's too late.

Your eyes hold nothing but the sight you want to see,

some sight is blind and you have yet to understand.

Choose what you do in life wisely,

regretting is but a simple part.

Look around your surroundings.

Do you see a misfourtune, a life, or a mistake?

So many choice that we make in life are one of the three,

more than so,

may be mistakes.

Mistakes that you want to deny so much,

that you will deny to yourself that they are mistakes.

Because the memories you remember,

you don't want to lose.

With every fiber of your being,

you hold against your worst thoughts,

saying they are unjust, untrue, and misleading.

This is the should turn back on before it's too late.

There is no future."


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