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I would say "sweet dreams" but the aren't any left, So I'll say instead, "Have a sweet Nightmare." I'm very mischievous, playful, and see the fun in everything. I love playing tricks, but I know the limits. My spirit animal is a wolf and my best friend is my dog, who is ironically part wolf. I love the dark, and I love the cold. Winter is my everything, it's when I feel the strongest. The dark allows me to collect my thoughts and realize who I really am. I love the woods and it is where I plan to do most if my spells and stuff, I love feeling one with nature. Oh, my real name is Ren by the way! But feel free to call me Nightmare if you so desire. Ren, Ren the Nightmare Wolf He never grows up and howls at the moon Ren, Ren the Nightmare Wolf If you want a bad dream he'll visit you soon Ren, Ren, the poor little thing No one believes and now he can't sing Ren, Ren the poor little thing He's been forgotten he cannot be seen Ren, Ren, rising again His nightmares are coming to haunt you in bed Ren, Ren, rising again You can't do a thing and good dreams are dead