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Name: WonderBoy
Birthday: May 1999
Location: Chicago USA
Gender: Male
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A little about me: My name is Matthew but I like to go by Matt. I am a seniorin high school. Part of the footbll and wrestling team at my school because I m very athletic...I realy like to work out.

My element is fire, and I tend to have a red hot personality because of it. I want to know more about the elements and balance in my life like yin and yang. Im a newbie with magic and working on learning the basics and figuring out what I want to do.

My favorite colors are red and black. I have two dogs named Barnie and Buddie. I race on my dirtbike for fun.

I am single :-(.

Do: send me messages! I like to talk to people and make friends.
Dont: ask me to do spells for you, ask me to do readings for you!