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DarkRose13's Profile

Member Info
Name: DarkRose13
Location: During daylight probably in my coffin or Vampish darkly lit bedroom or somewhere in my darkly lit home. At night, well I could be anywhere!!
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 23 Jul 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am in my forties and majored in Graphic Design when I was in college. I am a Native American Indian and Celtic mix and I have always followed my Native traditional ways. I came from Oklahoma and currently live in Ohio and I am a single mother of two kids and four cats. I am a modern day Vampire and have lived this way since 2010, it is who I am and my way of life and I take this very serious. I love the night, full moons and everything to do with outdoors in the evening. I am hoping to find a Vampire coven to belong to, been searching in state I am in and not finding anything. But I really do want to belong to one and meet other Vampires. I would love to learn dark magic for I have respect for it. Aside liking everything to do with the Vampire lifestyle I also enjoy art and making and creating things. I love museums, reading, long nightly walks, love music both rock and heavy metal, love animals and my Native culture and Celtic side to. I have a sense of humor and of course a serious side. I love crystals and wanting to learn more about them and learn how to do spells as well. Love candles and oils and still trying to find a name for my black kitten! I want this to be known, that I have a deep respect and belief in witchcraft and in both white and dark magic and yes I am a Vampire but I have always wanted to learn it. I try to respect everyone and their beliefs but I have no tolerance for a christian trying to force their views on others. I am a very loyal person and yes trustworthy and discreet, Ive learned to be discreet due to my lifestyle. I am here seeking help on somethings as well as try to help others if I am able to. But I am on here to be me and to be very honest and nothing more, this is truelly me and who and what I am! Never will I lie and pretend to be anything else. I also believe in reincarnation for I have had three past life memories. I usually can sense when a ghost is around and they seem to want to touch my shoulder or back at times and have heard them. Once and awhile I can sense things before they happen as well. And I have been told my eyes do actually change unnatural colors accourding to some moods and even able to do something else tho I prefer not to say. I have a rare blood type and have read how we can do some pretty weird stuff and I do fit most of the characteristics of my rare blood type. I have always felt I didnt belong, not to the human race anyway. Always felt so different and drawn to the night and all things darkness and love the mystery of it all. I am told I have two auras, green and black and something is protectingme? I wonder what a black aura means?