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Name: EsotericS
Birthday: Feb 8 1990
Location: USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 08 Sep 2014
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24 Years Old
Life Path Number: 11
The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment. This is the ultimate symbolic power of the 11.
I enjoy Tarot, candle magick and meditation. I love studying the properties of incense, trees, herbs, plants and crystals.
I enjoy studying the many different aspects of spirituality and mysticism. I have always been sensitive. I was practicing magick independently at the age of nine. I was reading people at twelve. I attribute my sensitivity to my bloodline, as my grandmother on my father's side was a witch and mother's family are gypsies.
Other than practicing magick and divination, I enjoy reading, gardening, hanging with my awesome dog, and being creative in general.
I believe in each person finding happiness in their own way. Live and let live.
Feel free to say hello or ask me a question. I will always do my best to help if you ask.
Blessed be!