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Name: ilovemcr
Location: Oklahoma, USA
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Johnny Depp: "I don't pretend to be captain weird- I just do what I do".


Hi friends, I'm Nicole! Im looking for someone to talk to so msg me.

Some stuff about me

    Status: Active Mood: Happy Feeling: Energetic
  • I am single so hit me up!
  • Check out my pics
  • i am interested in energy manipulation and sex magick
  • I love to message people andI do role play and i am a role player.
  • I'm 16 turning 17 soon and going to throw a big party!
  • Im obsessed with dogs.


People should be happy now, because my profile picture is of me...I am a bit crazy but in a good way. I tend to be very over-protective of the people and things that i care about. I am quiet at first but once you really get to know me I'm pretty loud and weird.

My Chemical Romance is the best band ever!!! Okay, well probably not the best... But I really love them.I like to listen to alt. rock and pop.I go to concerts when I can. Im in band at school and play in the drum line. Music is a big passion of mine.


I just wanted you to know
That the world is ugly
But youre beautiful to me
Are you thinking of me,
Like Im thinking of you?


Oh no! You kidnapped me :) What next?

1) kill me

2) let me go

3) tie me down


5) make out

6) video games

7) movies

8)never let me go


10)Hold Me there Forever


12)Watch anime.

13)Change my name and marry me