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Name: BeingMe83
Birthday: Mar 27 1983
Location: Kent
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I am finally hear(not going to change that typo - I think it sums me up at this moment in my journey)! This is an exciting time for me and as always, everything that sounded great in my head but as soon as I come to put it into words...this is what you get. Very typical. I feel as though I want to write everything, right now, explain every single reason on why and how I got here.
Thankfully, I have rediscovered an amazing discipline...patience! Which means, I can now take my time and grow this space rather than fill it with irrelevant rubbish that I think I should put (again typical me trying) to 'fit in'.
I welcome anyone reading this, thank you for getting this far! I really hope to use this site to learn, learn some and learn some more. The years, but most importantly, the days leading up to creating this profile have been very significant to me. This is a new beginning in my life or at least a period of time where I no longer run from myself or any or the 'weirdness' and apart from reading as much as I can thus far, (to avoid my own persuasion) I have purposely avoided profile peeking before actually joining or writing here.
Overall about me - I am 31 years old. Have 6 children, 2 are step children and 3 out of the 6 have A.S.D (you may wonder why I feel that is important right now but it is a huge part of my life). I love children, their innocence and imagination are awesome. I love teaching and watching children learn to make choice and decisions all by themselves - to grow. I am a 'nice' person, genuinely kind and caring. I love to help, helping is me. I am a volunteer and Secretary of our local community association, I love this type of work and the people I meet so much. I have a level 3 legal secretaries diploma (ilex) and really enjoy reading law (not so much now) because it's another tool that can help bring peace. I wear my heart on my (something I wish to have better control over) and hope to be able to just be myself here...which is actually quite bubbly and not too shy at all! I love learning, always have done. In every situation that I do not understand, I read. I learn. Test, read more, learn some more. Again...I love it!
Angels are very special to is how I ended up here...hopefully those who really want to teach will feel me, feel my genuine belief that I have been led here - I have. So please understand that I wish to share this learning and self discovery with you if you are willing to share your knowledge and experiences with me. I hope that I too have much to share from my past experiences (even if I do not quite understand every aspect of them) and also all the new amazing ones that are still to come.
I hope to make some true friends along the way, I am a good friend myself. From all that I have read, it seems this 'world' and all of it's 'knowledge' works - it make sense to me...and so far all I can say is that finally I feel at home.
This journey will be slow through choice - I do not want to make unbalanced choices. I am a very passionate person, especially in this division. I have been around reading things for a while, but I have small amounts of personal time, especially on the computer, but as you will learn with time, I am extremely dedicated and in no way have I made this choice lightly. But, I am only human and hope that this site and its members will embrace any challenges or direction or subject gracefully at my side. My youngest son is quite poorly too and it limits my time so hopefully if I suddenly fall quiet you may come to learn why.
So...full of hope...that really should of been my name hehehe.
Please feel free to message me, if only by this very short (will be changed often as necessary) description you feel you want to say hello or share, please do.
Thank you!