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Name: TheRedWoman
Location: Old Valyria
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So what shall I say about myself? I guess it's only fitting to mention that I have had a passion for occult endeavours for quite a large period of my life, yet have only been seriously participating in it for the past year or two. I specifically love working with crystals and a lot of my peace comes from meditating with crystals, which is a part of the reason why I aspire to be a geologist when I am older.
Apart from the occult, I have been writing for years, yet not long enough to deem my writing as a 'masterpiece' or 'perfect'. A lot of my motivation comes from reading other people's books, and just engrossing myself into famous, or otherwise good writers. If I had to chose, I think my favourite overall writer would have to be Sylvia Plath. Describing why I think so is just like trying to tell someone why your favourite colour is what it is; the way she writes is mastered in a way that truly resonates with me.
There are of course some other random things that I take an interest in. For a brief list, I like;
- TV shows; Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones (I'm also in love with the book series A Song of Fire and Ice, the books that Game of Thrones is based on)
- Crafting; knitting, sewing, crocheting
- Cats!
- Anime and manga
- Drawing (Specifically manga and realism)
- Minecraft
- Psychology (this includes psychological thriller movies and books)
- Eastern Culture (Hence why I am currently learning Japanese)