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"I give the gods my one finger salute!" - "No one can truly be a master in magic, just a master of ego" Hello and welcome to my bio! (I'm not kidding message me any time) i'm MatthewFlame i use elemental and summoning magic, my elements i use so far are fire and water (as a liquid). (when i have an o i can com when x i cant) [o] note to all that view: i aim for perfection in case i fall short But, perfection, or those who think they have it annoy me! ______________________________________________________________________ Here is some things about my magic life i started at about 6 is i remember correctly i use fire and summoning in magic any thing else, any thing at all, ask me ______________________________________________________________________ "Feeling fear dose not make you a coward, feeling fear and letting it rule you makes you a coward. feeling no fear makes you a fool. feeling fear and going past it, that's what makes you a hero." - good and evil are points of view, changing the view will change the thing you call it, my point of view is with angles. - I use magic as a path not religion - My grand mother got me into magic - Right now im interested in healing demonology and i think thats it, any help any one could offer would be great - iv studied an alright rage of magics but nothing (except elemental fire magic) has held my interests for very long - i think its about 5 or 6 years into my studie - if you want to know my age ask - My goal here is to help where i can and ask for help when i must - my mom and grandmother are both diseased, rather not talk about it - i had depression for like 2-3 years, but im feeling better - I LOVE SINCE! its just amazing! isn't it? - my bloodline is in the freemasons, and i've heard rumors that they did (or do) black magic - i DO use dark and light magic, shouldn't think of it as evil just the other side of a coin that may never see eye to eye. - i practice sword fighting a bit, and basic combat - i'm male, i'm Straight, not looking for any one - i simply adore animals any shape and size - i love meat! - My year is the dragon - My Spirit animal is the Owl - im christian, full blood not magic christian, just christian... - i love red yellow... umm... oh yeh and orange! - im from a royal blood line - i will not cast spells for ppl, they dont tell me exactly what they need and its a bother to gather up enfue energy to make that close to posible ______________________________________________________________________ my moto is "DON'T THINK OF IT AS DYING, said Death. JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH." -Death ______________________________________________________________________ day must take over night as well as darkness must fill light, so mote it be. there are no real changes in any one, its just becoming a fuller form of your self. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- this lil bit will be for poetry i make... Stone fire ice and air leave a shining light that gleams and glairs, with mocking faces and disgusted stairs, i walk this path with open arms with magic sayings and magic charms. my life is in flame untouched never "truly" changed, my mind is of ice, solid as steel, if you get to close cold burning you'll feel. i am not bad, evil or mad, but looking beyond a minor all lies shine bright and clear, truth dulls darker then lies, so mote this be... ______________________________________________________________________ To all that made it this far "Gods good grace to you!" ---------------------------------------------------------- People don't like what they don't understand, and they don't understand those like us. those who say what they want to say, not what they're supposed to say. those who are what they want to be, not what they are supposed to be. people try to stomp that out. people try to quell it. people try to crush it, but don't let them. dont let them crush what you need to be, what is you, just because they don't understand. so many-so many--bow to an existence they cant stand just because they fear that others wont approve,'cause others wont like them. stand up, be who you are. now that comes at cost, and it may be a steep price. it may make you a revolutionary. it may make you desired and liked. but when you look in a mirror, you'll know the truth of it all. when ye when you feel that deep-seale pride when you actually what you want to be. your not a sheep craft your own way grasp your own divinity, recognize that god is not separate from you but that god us you. in that drive, in that goal, not even the gods themselves can stand in opposition before us lest they fall.