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Name: cookies605
Birthday: Jun 21 2000
Location: having fun with friends lol
Gender: Female
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hi my name is martina i nice love to meet now people i'm shy to new people and i love having fun with my friend sometime i'm sad but being sad won't get me anywhere so yup lol ^-^ i new to this so be nice to me and if u want to talk i will be there oh and i love love anime i'm bi but just because i'm bi dose not mean you can talk to me so talk to me anytime i'm hear for you lol(^-^) if you are older then me i will call you big-sis or big-bro so yup lol oh and i have boyfriend
And also if you know how to teleport a persone to u teleport me so we can look a anime and be bestfriend or if you just want to talk lol
Also if u know any mermaid when wet spell or become a fairy that will work tell me
Ily??:O:'(:-(:-D;-):-) and I also have a YouTube channel and p.o boxjust text me and tell me if you want to look at it feel free to send me things just don't say anying about spells
Oh Im not going to kik, video chat anything so yup