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Name: peach68
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Location: Trail BC Canada
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Hi, I live in beautiful Trail BC Canada, called the west Kootenays. I am 46 yrs young and have raised 3 kids on my own due to early divorce. I have life3 partner whom I have been with for 11 yrs now and we are doing a Hand Tying Ceremony this aug , I cant wait..... He is my soul mate ...... and I was very blessed to meet him and have him in my life. I have a dear friend who is a shamen , and she does Reiki as well as other things and I am very blessed to have her as a vital person in my lie as well. I have grandkids whom I love dearly and lovee being a gramma. My pets are my world as well, blessings abound me lol . I am starting to learn about healing crystal work and am excited to learn lots, as well as Chakras, and may more interests as well iof the same nature or similar such as wicca, energy healing,tarot, and more. I look forward to being active on this forum and am honered to be a part of......
love and litye

here is a prayer that I gound rally nice love it very powefull ....
While reciting this, face and point the direction you are honouring, rattle, and then say:

To the winds of the South Sachamama, Great Serpent, wrap your coils of light around us, teach us to shed the past the way you shed your skin, teach us the beauty way, Ho! ( I rattle once to finish)

To the winds of the West Otorongo, Jaguar, protect our medicine space, show us the way beyond death, teach us to live impeccably, Ho! (rattle once to finish)

To the winds of the North, Sewar Kentae, Hummingbird, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Ancient Ones, come, warm your hands by our fire. We honour you who have come before us and you who will come after us, our children’s children, Ho! (rattle once to finish)

To the winds of the East, Apucine, Great Eagle, Condor, keep us under your wing, show us the mountains we only dare to dream of, teach us to fly wing to wing with Great Spirit, Ho! (rattle once to finish)

Touch the floor/earth/ground and say: Mother, we’ve gathered for the healing of all your children. The Stone People, the Plant People, the Four Legged, the Two legged, the Creepy Crawlers, the Finned, the Furred, and the Winged Ones, All Our Relations, Ho! (rattle once to finish)

Hands to the sky and say: Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Great Star Nations, thank you for bringing us together and teaching us to sing the song of life, Ho! (rattle to finish) and then bring arms down in a large sweeping circle (each arm stays on it’s own side to create the circle) close circle at the bottom by touching hands together.

You have opened sacred space. To close start with South again, honouring each in the same way and when you come to the last one bring hands from bottom of circle to top to close the circle and sacred space.