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Name: Anemos
Birthday: 1993
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6 years of experience.

This that I'm about to say may not mean much but I feel as if I just have to share my thought with someone who might see my point or may not.

The reason why this site was created was to make it possible for people to find articles, learn about the arts and communicate with others who share in with their common interested, but for as long as I've been around (about 6 years) I noticed that the site is not being used as it should be. If its meant to be a social site why is it that people put up bios talking about not wanting people to message them and so on, doesn't that really destroy the purpose for which this site was created? I know it is the member's choice of what he or she use the account for but even some mods neglect giving and/or pointing new members towards the right direction. Just wanted to share this with some of you. I'm pro newbies/fluffs!! Whether you want to be a mythical creature or not you are is welcome to message me no matter the issue/situation/topic I'll gladly answer any questions or comments.

- Thanatos Anemos