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Name: Haok
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my family have practised for a long time, going back at least 19 generations. i have all the old family books and am un-interested in weather i practise "white" or "black" magic. simple fact is "Ìáãåßá åßíáé áõôï ðåñáéôÝñù êÜðïéïõ" greek for "Magick is to further one's self" i am 16 and an australian with romanian, greek, polish, scottish and irish heritage. i have a fixation with music (ranging from ALL TIME LOW to BEHEMOTH) i have considered joining a website to share the ancient magick in the family books for a while but have seen very few positive sgns, but my aunt told me it was to pass on to the others who who wish to practise, so here i am :/