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Name: LorenRose
Birthday: Apr 1 1988
Location: Ontario Canada
Gender: Female
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Be patient with me I'm new... Have cast several spells successfully and am thirsty for more, all the spells I have cast with one exception i have found on here, the last one i made myself and it works too. Don't have a specific style or aim as yet but I like to look at things from all angles before making up my mind. My initial introduction to magic was through my fiance and his family. My fiance Grey_Mage has been keeping an eye on my progress and has helped me get to where I am now on my path without any major damages, rest is up to me. A.D.D is a marvelous thing...... I wish it would go curl up in a bush somewhere and die..... Oooh shiny! Also yes that is my actual birth date.... I'm a 26 year old April Fools joke/Easter gift to my parents. My screen name is a combination of two names that have great significance for me, only my closest friends will ever find out why. Gah, knew there was something I kept forgetting to put in here..... I don't cast spells for people, I sometimes give advice but I do not cast spells, if you have questions go ahead and ask :) I don't bite lol