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"Truth is like an Empty Page; it needs no Explanation." "To hide the Truth is to Reveal it also." I discovered I was an empath a few months ago but have been one my entire life. I feel the vibes and emotions of others. Every guy I have been friends with over the years seem to be empathic I am now realizing. I have never been friends with a female empath before and I think that's due to my mother never telling us her mother and father were both empaths. She must have thought it was wrong to be what others would call psychic if you are a Christian . It would have made life growing up much easier but anyways, I search for an explanation for everything because I think what the bible says and what the Sumerians believed doesn't have to conflict, it could be explained by space time loops or paradoxes. If you are an empath, I can help you to make life easier. The Book Of Storms Lessons in Dream Tongue, by Jad Alexander can help and is free online. Peace Out