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Name: Amethystseed
Location: North Carolina
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My name is Amethystseed. I grew up in a Christian home as my father was a pastor. However I grew up hearing stories about the Old Ways from my mother and was always very curious but forbidden to learn more about the faith I felt drawn to to practice. Ever since I was about twelve or thirteen I started getting a weak gift of sight. I would practice on my own until I got to college and got my first tools. My friends were very supportive and helped me build my strengths in the white magics of sight and healing. At this point I am happily married to my mate and when he learned about my gift he asked for a reading. I told him he did not have to tell me what the question was but the reading turned out to be him asking how we would be doing in the next year. We got married less than a year later despite me being annoyed that he had me read my own future without wanting to know future events. However, he does not know how far I want to delve in. I want to know more about these longings in my heart to do all that I can to act as a steward of this planet. I want to learn more about the faith of my ancestors and grow closer to The Creator.
note: Elementary Teacher and crafter if you wanted to know what I do for a living.
Today I discovered my spirit animal: The Lizard. March 22, 2014
I don't do readings online or write spells for people. If you want a spell you need to do the work for yourself because it is more powerful and you know more about the situation than I do.