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Name: CrazyAngel53
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Hey everyone, my name is Hail, or Jasa; doesnt really matter. I do have a Kik if anyone wants to talk on there If I don't respond to you right away, I've either left for a while or reached my communication limit. Name: Hail or Jasa Sexuality - Lesbian "Know Thyself" "Live for the right, die for the left." In Venere Veritas I'm looking into astrology, elemental magic, shamanism, greek mythology, astral projection, past lives, angles, and clairaudience. If anyone is knowledgeable on any subject, I'd appreciate if you could give me a few tips. I'm a protective person, I'll protect those close to me. I like helping people. My spirit animal is a wolf. In my personal life, I play guitar, I draw, play video games. I love music, it's pretty much my vice. I want to be a Forensic Medical examiner when I'm done with schooling. Anything else just ask :) im pretty friendly so send me mail, I love meeting new people and making friends